I am a software engineer and programming languages researcher living in New York City. I work at Originate NYC, and was previously at MIT and at Yale. You can find some of the things that I’ve worked on below , or read new posts to this site as a blog. Feel free to drop me a line!


  • Makam, a meta-language meant for prototyping and experimenting with new programming language ideas, and as an educational tool for teaching programming language concepts like type systems, compilation, etc. I started building Makam during my post-doc at MIT and I continue to work on it during my 20% time at Originate.

  • VeriML is the language I designed and built for my Ph.D. It is motivated by the need for building formal proofs in a scalable way, in the context of software verification.

  • I’ve also worked on designing and implementing an efficient field-sensitive pointer analysis for the Windows Static Driver Verifier while at Microsoft Research.