I am a software engineer and programming languages researcher living in New York City. I work at Originate NYC, and was previously at MIT and at Yale. You can find some of the things that I’ve worked on below, or read new posts to this site as a blog. Feel free to drop me a line!


  • Makam, a meta-language meant for prototyping and experimenting with new programming language ideas, and as an educational tool for teaching programming language concepts like type systems, compilation, etc. I started building Makam during my post-doc at MIT and I continue to work on it during my 20% time at Originate.

  • VeriML is the tactic language I designed and built during my Ph.D. It is motivated by the need for building formal proofs in a scalable way, in the context of software verification.

  • I’ve also worked on designing and implementing an efficient field-sensitive pointer analysis for the Windows Static Driver Verifier while at Microsoft Research.